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  • Common misconceptions about paragliding

    1. Paragliding is dangerous: While paragliding can be risky if proper safety measures are not followed, it is generally considered a safe activity when done with proper training, equipment, and precautions.
    2. Paragliding requires a lot of physical strength: Paragliding does require some physical fitness, but it is not a sport that requires a lot of strength. Most people with average fitness levels can participate in paragliding.
    3. Paragliding is only for adrenaline junkies: While paragliding can be a thrilling experience, it is not just for adrenaline junkies. Many people enjoy the calm and peaceful experience of flying through the air.
    4. Paragliding is expensive: While there is some cost involved in purchasing equipment and training, paragliding can be an affordable activity compared to other adventure sports.
    5. Paragliding is the same as skydiving: Paragliding and skydiving are two different activities. Paragliding involves flying with a canopy, while skydiving involves freefalling from an aircraft before opening a parachute.
    6. Paragliding is only for experienced pilots: While experience is important for safe paragliding, beginners can also participate in the sport with proper training and guidance from a qualified instructor.
    7. Paragliding is only for young people: Age is not a barrier to paragliding. As long as a person is physically fit and able to participate, they can enjoy the sport regardless of their age.
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